Yellowstone 1990

A group of friends traveled to West Yellowstone where we took a snow coach to a camp in the middle of the park. Each day we would take an excursion trip to different parts of the park and tour on cross country skis. We slept in small canvas covered huts which had small heaters.


View of the camp.' class=Dawn adjusting.' class=President of the Hair Club for Goats.' class=Arden Bailey.<br />
Universal Host/Guide/Game Player/Dude.' class=Inside John's cabin/tent.' class=Another view of the camp.' class=Our old, faithful snow coach.' class=Elk and bison.' class=Yurt at night.' class=Dawn, Rich and trained snowflakes.' class=Professional model posing outside yurt.' class=John feeding a gray jay.' class=Walking around Norris geyser Basin.' class=Walking around Norris Geyser Basin.' class=Rich Raabe' class=Dawn, Arden, Marcia, and Dwight in the front of the van.' class=Unused outhouse' class=Snow coach coming into camp at night' class=Area burned by Yellowstone fires' class=Dwight taking/making pictures' class=With Rich, it is a question of balance.' class=Marcia demonstrating technique' class=Rich, Dwight and John' class=Camp partially torn down in spring 1991' class=One handed camera operator.' class=