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It is said that after people watch cable TV for a long enough time, they settle on about seven favorite channels. I think that the Web is somewhat like that if you are a busy human. Here are some of the sites I regularly travel to for various reasons.


My personal Facebook page - my way to share pictures among friends

Photo Connecto

Download Photo Connecto tool to generate scripts for Drupal to automate the display of image with Lightbox, Colorbox and CSV import. Written in Java so it should execute anywhere Java Run Time is installed. Read Me file is included.

Music in Des Moines

    • Grapevine LLC - great small music venue dedicated to listening to music in a quiet setting. The cover charge donation goes to the artist. You buy wine from the proprieters and bring your own snack or food. Most Excellent.
    • Grapevine LLC on Facebook
    • Pictures of Grapevine LLC on this site
    • Chad Elliott - hopeful devil - great music and entertainment. You will also love his paintings and other works of art. A Gem. A Keeper. Add him to your list of great experiences.

My work with the RAGBRAI Dream Team has me offering the following links:

Biking in Iowa

1963 GCHS Girls Basketball Team Honored at the 2013 State Tournament

Terry Harrington and Curtis McGhee trial in Federal Court

NCAA Wrestling Information 2013

Graduation Speech

Political Rants

Old Radio Shows on the Web

Paddling Information

Paddling in Central Iowa DNR Resources 
Trails and Paddling
Low Head Dams
Water Trails
Project AWARE
Iowa Whitewater Coalition
River Gages for Iowa

Des Moines River

05480500 Des Moines River at Fort Dodge, IA 
05481300 Des Moines River near Stratford, IA 
05481650 Des Moines River near Saylorville, IA 
05481950 Beaver Creek near Grimes, IA 
05482000 Des Moines River at 2nd Avenue at Des Moines, IA 

Boone River

05481000 Boone River near Webster City, IA

North Raccoon River

05482300 North Raccoon River near Sac City, IA 
05482315 Black Hawk Lake at Lake View, IA 
05482500 North Raccoon River near Jefferson, IA 
05484500 Raccoon River at Van Meter, IA 
05484600 Raccoon River near West Des Moines, IA 
05484650 Raccoon River at 63rd Street at Des Moines, IA 
05484800 Walnut Creek at Des Moines, IA
05484900 Raccoon River at Fleur Drive at Des Moines, IA 

Middle Raccoon

04584000 South Raccoon
05483450 Middle Raccoon River near Bayard, IA 
05483470 Lake Panorama at Panora, IA 
05483600 Middle Raccoon River at Panora, IA 
05484000 South Raccoon River at Redfield, IA 

Fun Videos for your viewing pleasure visit this page to see some videos of our most recent New Year's Day paddle on Jan 1, 2005. Very icy day.There are two sources of paddling events that may be of interest to you.

Each one will get you onto a mailing list which inform you of planned paddling activities. Send an email to the accounts listed below and explain in the body of the message that you want to be informed of upcoming events
Central Iowa Paddlers
The Central Iowa Paddlers is an informal group of paddlesport enthusiasts. The mission of the club is to share information, promote recreation opportunities and paddlesport safety, and encourage care of our aquatic resources. The group includes new and experienced paddlers with canoes and kayaks of all kinds.
Paddling Iowa 
We’re glad you’ve found! This web site is the nexus for everything you need to  know about paddling excellent rivers and lakes in Iowa. Use it to get connected to a nearby club or one across the state, learn about gear, or  find a new favorite river. Maybe you’ll learn about boat building,  improve a skill, or pass along your knowledge to someone else. Ultimately,  this site is what YOU make it.

Other Paddling Links A site maintained by Gerry Rowland who has paddled his kayaks the entire length of the Des Moines River in Iowa.

Des Moines River Information Water Levels from US Army Corps of Engineers

Water Levels from USGS - Stream Flow Levels

Seven Oaks Canoe Rental near Boone

ISU Canoe and Kayak Club

Canoesport Outfitters in Indianola

Reference Information

News Access Reference Desk: Home to links for - Research Facts, Facts Finder, Help and Advice, Current News and Facts, Fun Stuff, Reference Categories Reference Desk - First Things First: News access. I visit here to get acces to opinion writers around the country.  Comics, Enterrtainment, Newspapers, Financial News, Politics/Columnists/Gossip, Magazines, Editorial Pages, Gossip, Media News, Sports, Weather, Streaming Media, Wire Services, and much more. 

 Internet Movie Data Base - Great example of hypertext application. Look up information by actor, director, movie title and more. Each listing is cross referenced and offer access to reviews and special information.

Roger Ebert - All of his reviews back to 1985 in addition to reviews of old time great movies. New reviews every week of new releases.

Great Movies - A labor of love by Tim Dircks who offers extensive reviews and analysis of great old movies. This site helps me to better understand the movies reviewed here. 

Iowa State Fair Iowa State Fair Home Page

Iowa State Fair Blue Ribbon Foundation - Information to let you know how you can upgrade your relationship with the fair. Fundraising efforts support improvements at the fairgrounds. Go there and spend.  


Also see some poetry by Lou Cardinacci featured in Poetry magazine on the web.        Sorry - All links are dead.
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