Photo Connecto

Download zip file with double-clickable Java application and a readme PDF file.


I wanted a tool to help generate the HTML heavy code required to pop up an overlay and display images. My first technology was the use of Lightbox. The original goal was to create code to pop up the window from clicking on:

    •  text link
    •  single thumb
    •  display of all thumbs

During the process of developing this code, I met Colorbox and expanded the tool to alternately generate code in a similar manner for Colorbox.

As tool creep happens, I added the ability to declare a title and description for each image.

I wanted to control the image sizes for both the thumb and full size image for increased efficiency. That lead to resizing functionality.

Along with that, I added FTP automation to the tool.

I desired to make the path from iPhoto to a Drupal site easier, I added the ability to import Exif information from the original images and store them in the title and description fields.

My imagination lead me to desire the ability to create nodes with added fields to help in filtering displays from Views. I developed a view that allowed choosing a category and year to filter the view. That was workable for me, but it required editing Views to accomodate new category and year. Those are the names I chose for my purposes. The two additional fields can be used for anything.

This still requires fiddling in the cockpit interface of Views.

I wanted to make this process easier for my friends to accomplish photo publishing without me being involved in the process.

I explored the use of Feeds to create nodes from Comma Separated Value (CSV) files. That brought about the addition of a CVS generation section to the tool. That allowed the tool to create an import of data an make a node for each image.

The next dream beyond that was to create just one node with multiple pictures. I defined a node that held unlimited images and used Slideshow to display the images on the node and Colorbox to take over if the user clicked on an image. That allowed a larger version of the image to be displayed.

I could use Feeds and Feeds Tamper to import multiple images into one node.

That was better but I got the desire to have descriptive text displayed so I explored importing the title and description fields to be stored with each image in a multiple image node. Feeds and Feed Tamper did not address that functionality. Others have modified Feeds to allow this. I had trouble incorporating their modifications and finally used some of their examples and modified Feeds to accomodate it in Drupal 7 Feeds Alpha 6.

The end result was a CSV creation function that will create three versions of a CSV file.

    •  one image per node with title and desctiption
    •  multiple images to one node
    •  multiple images with title and description to one node

That is the background on how I ended up with the tool in the current state.