Janet's Cabin 1993

A group formed by Rich Raabe and Dawn Wells met in Breckinridge for a couple of days of acclimation and ski time lead up to the trip to Jante's Cabin. We started by taking a ski lift on Copper Mountain up to mid level on the ski hill. We then exited and sent down a small hill to catch the trail to the cabin. The cabin was located at tree line. We stayed there fro several nights and played in the area. We were loaded with backpacksand groceries, including wine. Great time.

Mouse Tracks in the snow.' class=South side of cabin.' class=Evans and John taking skins off of skis after coming down the steep part just outside the cabin.' class=View of the cabin.' class=Southwest corner of the cabin.' class=View of the cabin.' class=Along the trail.' class=South view from cabin window.' class=Sauna behind the cabin' class=Waiting for their masters.' class=Horizontal Janine' class=Trail through the trees' class=Changing clothing layers after coming down from the ski lift.' class=Coming up the trail to the cabin.' class=Janine' class=Dawn, Michelle & Joy' class=Nothing to do with the Colorado trip. This is near Crater Lake in Oregon.' class=Tree outside south window.' class=